10 Children’s Audio Book Collections to Listen to this Summer

Our homeschool runs on audio books, especially in the summer months (they’re my secret assistant..shhh).  Not only do they provide scaffolding for young readers, but they are also a fantastic substitute for screen time when a rest is needed. (Rest time is one of our daily anchors in the summer!) Audio books are also my very […]

Easy and Cheerful Citrus Stamp Art

Does the idea of painting with kids sound overwhelming or intimidating?  Let’s fix that.  It’s time to bring out Fun Art Mom and thrill your kids with an easy win paint project.  Fun Art Mom lets kids do paint projects, but she’s also smart about it.  She knows her limits (it’s thirty minutes or so) […]

How to Build A Peaceful Homeschool Day using Daily Anchors

Do you ever look around at your homeschool and wonder where it all went wrong? We stand in our kitchen stumped because we know we did this right.  We have classical books, hand-lettered planning sheets, tea times, nature hikes and co-op days all slated out.  We have market baskets and mini chalk boards.  This afternoon […]

How to Make a Salt Dough Map

Salt dough maps are a classic homeschool project that have become a staple for us as we studied world history this year.  They are a creative and hands-on way to explore geography, but they are also incredibly simple to make with things you already have at home! You will need: A cardboard scrap for your […]

The Best Plants for a Magical Summer Children’s Garden

Do you want to get started gardening with children but aren’t sure what to plant? When we’re not homeschooling during the year, we love to be in the garden.  (Checking the garden and saying goodnight to our neighbors is our after-bath ritual! Take a bath to get dirty, you know?) Today I’ve put together a […]