Five Lunch Strategies for the Homeschool Mama

Do you know what the broken window theory is?  It’s a theory that says “visible signs of disorder and misbehavior in an environment lead to further order and misbehavior and eventually to serious crimes.” I have a “broken window” in my daily routine.  Guess what it is?  Lunch.  Yes, years of poor planning and eating […]

The Weekly Reset

The weekly re-set is one of my favorite Sunday rituals.  After we go to the early service at church, we make a big brunch together as a family.  (I can usually have it done and cleaned up by about 12:00 or so.) Then I’m ready to start my re-set once my son is down for […]

A Homeschool Day Four Ways

Homeschooling is unique in that we don’t conduct learning in a separate, sterile environment.  It happens in our homes, right in the middle of laundry piles, phone calls and babies who are not on our day time schedules yet.  When you add in rabbit trails and sunny spring afternoons, a day could hold just about […]

My Simple Homeschool Planning Schema

The first year that we started homeschool, I spent hour upon laborious and hour planning my year.  I gathered books, researched websites and made checklists of my own checklists. Field trips, flash cards, cinnamon play dough and perfectly scheduled Christmas breaks had to fit in just so.  I can’t blame myself!  My eyes had just […]