The Best Plants for a Magical Summer Children’s Garden

Do you want to get started gardening with children but aren’t sure what to plant? When we’re not homeschooling during the year, we love to be in the garden.  (Checking the garden and saying goodnight to our neighbors is our after-bath ritual! Take a bath to get dirty, you know?) Today I’ve put together a […]

How to Organize Memorable Archives for Homeschool and Artwork

Do you have a big, messy pile of kid’s artwork or school work?  I did! I always planned on having an organized collection of my children’s homeschool and artwork that I would give them one day, but I never could seem to get there because I lacked a good system for decision-making. After some trial […]

Why you Need a Housekeeping Day (or Week)

You know what doesn’t get talked about enough in the homeschooling world?  Taking a housekeeping day…or week! I take a housekeeping week whenever I feel overwhelmed with details and to-do’s.  It’s my secret to staying energized about homeschooling for the long haul.  Remember, effective homeschooling is about sustainability, not perfection.  (Professional teachers have a certain […]

December in Pictures + A Christmas House

Merry Christmas week, friends!  We put up our decorations very early this year and still, it sneaks up on me every time.  I have all of our wrapping and baking to do, along with holiday groceries and preparations to leave town for New Year’s.  (These are merry activities, I have to remind myself!) We have […]