How to Organize Memorable Archives for Homeschool and Artwork

Do you have a big, messy pile of kid’s artwork or school work?  I did! I always planned on having an organized collection of my children’s homeschool and artwork that I would give them one day, but I never could seem to get there because I lacked a good system for decision-making. After some trial […]

Why you Need a Housekeeping Day (or Week)

You know what doesn’t get talked about enough in the homeschooling world?  Taking a housekeeping day…or week! I take a housekeeping week whenever I feel overwhelmed with details and to-do’s.  It’s my secret to staying energized about homeschooling for the long haul.  Remember, effective homeschooling is about sustainability, not perfection.  (Professional teachers have a certain […]

December in Pictures + A Christmas House

Merry Christmas week, friends!  We put up our decorations very early this year and still, it sneaks up on me every time.  I have all of our wrapping and baking to do, along with holiday groceries and preparations to leave town for New Year’s.  (These are merry activities, I have to remind myself!) We have […]