March In Pictures

Oh, hello almost-April!  We had a great month because light.  Lots went on in the [...]

February in Pictures

We had a nice white February, with plenty of excitement what with the historic winter [...]

January in Pictures

The first year of 2021 has been quiet so far between the four walls of [...]

December in Pictures + A Christmas House

Merry Christmas week, friends!  We put up our decorations very early this year and still, [...]

November in Pictures

Well I didn’t get very many pictures of this month mostly because I was busy [...]

October in Pictures (Upon Pictures)

October in pictures…upon pictures!  What a month. We took advantage of the weather and paused school [...]

September in Pictures

September was so full! Immediately after getting here, David left for California for two weeks [...]

Late August in Pictures and Settling In

I didn’t document a lot of this month (or this summer) because of moving boxes [...]

January in Pictures

January was a tough year, but we made it, amiright?  I confess, the holiday blues [...]

December in Pictures

I’m not sure whether to say December should be called lazy or restful! Either way, [...]