Are you new around here? Nice to meet you.
I’m Rachael and I’ve got clarity and systems for your homeschool. 

So you’ve done it–you’ve stepped out of the system and decided to homeschool!

But wait, there’s just one problem:  you don’t have any new systems to step into. 

What should this look like in a day?  How do you know if you’re doing enough?  What about falling behind in math?

If this is you, you’ve come to the right place.  


When we started homeschooling eight years ago, I found myself crying at the kitchen counter with a four-inch binder of curriculum, a baby, a toddler, and a five-year-old who was more interested in glitter and Legos than sounding out letters.

I’d never seen the inside of a homeschool math curriculum and frankly, I wasn’t sure I ever wanted to. One week in and I was frantic for a way out of the overwhelm and uncertainty.

It was in the discovery of a single system that complete changed my homeschooling trajectory forever: the morning basket.

With this framework our homeschool went from complex to simple as we uncovered a way of learning that was rich in content but simple in format.

We began to find joy and freedom in homeschooling when we ditched the planners and schedules and began using simplified tools like time-based lessons, family-centered learning, and daily anchors. Now I’m passionate about helping homeschool moms find clarity and practical frameworks for homeschooling so they can focus on what matters most.

Eight years later (in the famed words of Elizabeth Bennet) my feelings about homeschool are ahem, “quite the opposite.”  Thanks to homeschooling we’ve been able to build a life we love. We now home educate all four of our children: ages twelve, eleven, and eight and four.  And yes–we’re a litte unschoolish, but we do wear shoes.


I’ve been writing online for the past twelve years and have been a regular contributor to the Wild and Free monthly bundles.  (You might have seen my photography and tutorials in some of their published books!)

Now my sole focus is helping new homeschool moms find clarity and systems through my free and affordable online courses. Along with writing and speaking, I love having the privilege of serving thousands of moms every month through my blog, newsletter, and Instagram account.


I’m the oldest of seven, so you could say that I was born an organized person.  Bringing order out of chaos is one of my super powers. Gardening, blogging, and photography keep me inspired and motivated.  I love a third-wave coffee Americano (black–no room) but I can’t give up my nostalgia for a caramel machiatto from the Starbucks drive through.

I talk to my sister nearly every day–usually while cleaning my kitchen!  Library runs, linen aprons with pockets, and other people driving me places brings me joy.  Also, pizza forever.

My hope is that when you step into this space, you’ll find leave with a little bit more clarity and freedom for your journey.

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