Welcome to my Christmas home tour! Even though I’m calling it a home tour, the only places that are really decorated are our living room, dining room, and entry.  (Decorating isn’t cheap and it takes time to build a collection!)

If you’re thinking my house looks exactly like it did last year, well, you’d be right! Everything got tucked right in where it was the December before, which was mercifully easy.

Years ago I received a piece of Christmas decorating advice that I live by: pick a forever theme and build on that every year.

Three years ago David and I agreed on our big faux tree with 5000 perfectly spaced LED micro lights that wrap themselves deep into the branches of the tree.  (The opposite of the sparse branches and minimal lights trend!)  Maximal multicolored lighting; that’s David’s Christmas wish.

We overanalyzed and selected our maximalist tree together one evening at Home Depot amid a magical grove of blinking, prelit greenery.  We’ll have it until it falls apart or one of us dies. (This is how we buy things now.)

We made sure it was one that could switch from white to multicolored lights. This was really a kindness to me since I am outnumbered by multi-colored light people in my family.

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Christmas 2021 2

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Christmas 2021 1

Christmas 2021

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