This is a tour of my girls’ room and bath in our rental home in the Kansas City suburbs.

There was a time when I decorated their rooms with many sweet and precious things like wooden dollhouses and vintage alphabet posters.  (You can see some of that here.)

Those were fun days.  Now dolls and dress-up clothes have been replaced with backpacks and hair ties.  Gone are the days of 7:30 bedtimes where we pulled down the room-darkening drapes.  Now a light glows under the door until 9:00 when reading hour is over and they switch their lamp out on their own (a responsibility that is part of their staying up privileges!)

I enjoyed collaborating with my girls to create a space that reflects their personalities!  It was a new kind of fun.  Each season has it’s own joys doesn’t it?  We have dreams of desks, craft areas and bean bags, but for now we’re keeping it simple.  The main things they wanted twinkle lights and to be able to display their own artwork, treasure collections and photos.

This is the space we came up with; I hope you enjoy it!

IMG 7976

IMG 7917

Girls Room Bookshelf

IMG 7897

IMG 7943

IMG 7933

IMG 7930

IMG 7901

Shared Sister Room Tour

IMG 7927Shared Girls Room Cat Canvas

IMG 7919

Shared Girls Room TourIMG 7924

IMG 7882Shared Girls Room and Bath