How I Prep for A Homeschool Week (aka The Press Play Sunday Technique)

I once heard an organization and productivity expert say that before she starts her work for the day, she first makes sure that her machines and systems are running.  Brilliant, isn’t it?  It made me think about what kinds of things I could have doing work for me while I read aloud or take a […]

A Homeschool Day Four Ways

Homeschooling is unique in that we don’t conduct learning in a separate, sterile environment.  It happens in our homes, right in the middle of laundry piles, phone calls and babies who are not on our day time schedules yet.  When you add in rabbit trails and sunny spring afternoons, a day could hold just about […]

My Simple Homeschool Planning Schema

The first year that we started homeschool, I spent hour upon laborious and hour planning my year.  I gathered books, researched websites and made checklists of my own checklists. Field trips, flash cards, cinnamon play dough and perfectly scheduled Christmas breaks had to fit in just so.  I can’t blame myself!  My eyes had just […]

Homeschool Recap 2020/2021: The Precious People

Ahhh, writing this post each year has become so therapeutic; like tying up the loose ends of our messy, real-life school year into a neat, pretty bow! If you’re new here, this was our fifth year homeschooling and our children are ten, eight, six and two. (I have a recap of each of our previous […]

Tips for Implementing a Daily Rest Time with A Child Who Has Stopped Napping

You’re in a great routine and then hits you out of nowhere: your two-year old stops taking naps. They are awake crying in their crib or simply refusing to fall asleep to your normal nap routine. No amount of books, rocking or cuddling will coax those sweet little eyeballs shut. (Oh, please, Lord, make it […]