Milestones, Gaps and Falling Behind: Starting Age and Grade Levels

This post is part of a four-part series: Milestones, Gaps and Falling Behind.   Find links to the rest of the series at the bottom of this post.  Milestones, gaps and falling behind! Those are the things that strike panic into the heart of every homeschooling mother. In this series we’re going to break down these […]

Answering the Socialization Question

Socialization…it’s kind of the “s” word among homeschoolers.  In fact, it can sometimes seem like a tired old topic we wonder if anyone really asks about anymore. Or so this is what I thought when I unwittingly posted an eight-second Instagram reel about it. (Tra la la) FALSE. It turns out that socialization is still […]

4 Techniques for Hacking Your Homeschool Curriculum

Are you shopping for homeschool curriculum?  Are you feeling the rush of magic and wonder?  Goodness, I love those mid summer Amazon packages of possibility on my door step! All of us have had an experienced homeschooler or two tell us to just relax on curriculum. Well thank you Carol, but what does that even […]

Our 2 Essential Learning Formats

One way that I’ve simplified our homeschool (and homeschool planning) is by consolidating all of our structured learning into two simple learning formats: Reading Aloud and Table Time. While we use a lot of natural learning (games, baking, field trips, play) these two formats cover the structured part of our learning day. They represent the […]

Homeschool Year Recap 2021/2022: The Playful Pioneers

As I was doing some preliminary packing and decluttering for our upcoming move, it dawned on me that I had never done a homeschool year recap for the blog! This past school year was one of the messiest and most relaxed years we’ve ever had.  We incorporated screens, did a lot of free play, listened […]

The Everything Reading Post

One of the most intimidating parts of starting homeschool is the mysterious process of teaching a child to read. In our generation, literacy has been an affair handed over to professional teachers.  It’s a process that most of us know little about, aside from our own childhood experience.   So when our five-year-old isn’t reading Fox […]