September was so full! Immediately after getting here, David left for California for two weeks (after an epic last-minute and dare I say dangerously enormous Ikea haul), we started homeschool, unpacked the last few boxes, and had family in town from Atlanta.  (I got to see my newest niece, hooray!)

We also had a mishap with car keys in which I had to catch an Uber with four kids (and two steel-reinforced carseats which I hauled to the field with me) to K.K.’s first soccer game.  But that’s another story for another time! (THANK YOU, KIM!)

So many things happened that if I wrote everything here it wouldn’t be September in pictures!  So I’ll stop here by saying that what started out as slight pandemonium ended in a pleasant turn of weather and apple-picking on the most picturesque fall day.  We feel so blessed to be here in Kansas near our family and friends; the familiar faces and scenery is like putting on an old pair of jeans that fit me just right (okay I’ll be honest and say my favorite high-waist stretchy pants).

We are taking October off to host family and do some traveling; this week I’m headed to my mom’s to make some apple butter out of all these apples! Happy October!

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