We had a nice white February, with plenty of excitement what with the historic winter storm that swept through the middle of the country and all.  (Hair dryers really do work to thaw frozen pipes, even if they are under your floor.)  I found a new style called Bob Cratchett and it’s where you wear double wool socks, a scarf and fingerless gloves inside the house (sometimes a hat).

I got to hibernate and work on a couple of projects that have been sitting on my list for a long time, which introverts love to do. (I mentioned here and here).  We celebrated Libby’s eight birthday and had our Valentines Tea (that is, regular lunch food put on fancy plates + candy and tea) and had our annual Pride and Prejudice viewing.

Now it’s fully March, evidenced by the wind beating the side of the house and going to the park without coats.  Though I’m very sad that there is no garden planning for me this year, I am thinking of the overflowing potted annuals that I plan to have on my deck (the ones I could never keep alive in California), iced coffee, and a big patio umbrella.  For now: these red cheeks and glorious sparkling snow!

IMG 7393

IMG 7455

IMG 7451

IMG 7472

IMG 7615

IMG 7605

IMG 7612

IMG 7709

IMG 7441

IMG 7555

2021 03 09 0002

IMG 7738

2021 03 09 0001

IMG 7733

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