The first year of 2021 has been quiet so far between the four walls of our house (well maybe six walls because this house has a lot of weird angles), but rapidly shifting on the outside.  I know we all feel it in different ways. In terms of our personal lives, 2021 will be bringing more changes too.  (You know I’ll tell you all about it here on the blog when the time is right.)

We were in Georgia for the first few days of January soaking up some family time.  We discovered that if we hit the road early, we can make it to Georgia in thirteen and a half hours, and so we did!  It’s called unlimited feature films on personal devices.

The pictures of the white farmhouse are of my sister’s home.  Don’t you love the rocking chairs on the porch?  They really do have southern accents and sweet tea there, just like you imagine from the pictures.

After we got home, we settled into a good routine with homeschooling and connecting with new friends here in Kansas City.  We did have snow a few little times, which makes winter finally feel right. It’s Midwest snow for melting and mixing with dirt and then re-freezing, not pillowy mountain snow for blue skies and winter sports.  David is learning the difference.  I do miss you, California, and your loaded winter citrus trees! And I love you, even though you’re not real winter.

If you haven’t seen me on Facebook or Instagram, I’m gone for the time being.  I stopped creating content in September, and now I’ve officially phased off.  I have essentially torched my poor blog following in doing so, and that is sad.  But sanity.  I hope you’ll follow me here on MeWe for new posts.

I hope everyone had a wonderful January, though my heart does ache for America, the joy of the Lord is my strength in these days and I pray He will be yours too

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