Welcome back to my blog! Thanks so much for the support and the nice comments, you guys. It has encouraged me to keep writing. (This is my first post, in case you’re wondering why I’m writing on this blog!)

Today is an exciting topic! Today I’m recommending five of my favorite books!  (I have to tell you that my mom put affiliate links for Amazon on them.)  They are also linked here in our Amazon Storefront, which we keep updated with all of my favorites.  

1.)  Mother Daughter Book Club, by Heather Vogel Frederick

This is a cute, funny, and relatable story about girls in middle school.  Their moms have decided that the moms and daughters are going to have a book club and read Little Women.  Now these typical middle school girls aren’t too happy about the idea of reading Little Women (especially with their moms) but things are about to change.  It shows how the moms are all different, for example Megan’s mom Mrs. Wong makes vegan cookies that are lumpy and gross.  Mrs. Sloane is a famous fashion model but has a daughter that only cares about hockey and burps out the alphabet. This is a series that has seven other books in it with titles like Mother Daughter Book Camp.  I’m in the middle of reading them all. 

2.) Wonder, by Patricia Palacio

This is another middle school book but it is about a boy whose face is different from all of the other kids. He has to deal with people being mean to him and talking behind his back so he doesn’t know which friends to trust.  This book was so good that I had finished it less than a day!  (The book is pretty large.) It is a classic about managing to navigate middle school and gaining friends and enemies. It is narrated by multiple characters in a story.  It’s kind of like a diary and it even shows the character’s handwriting.

3.) Glitch, by Laura Martin

This is a fascinating story about time travel.  Glitchers must protect the past from butterflies who try to ruin history by messing up big moments. The Glitchers are humans who are born with genes that allow them travel through time.  They try to protect history by capturing the butterflies.  There are two enemies, Regan and Elliot, who must learn to get along. They are Glitchers in training and when the moment strikes Regan and Elliot come together to save the day!  

4.) Honest June, by Tina Wells

June is a young girl just starting middle school. She always tries to please everyone with her white lies. Her dad is a lawyer so her parents have high expectations for her.  Then one day her fairy godmother appears to her and casts a spell that she must tell the truth at all times! She thinks being honest will hurt people, but it’s actually better.  This downright funny, emotional story shows us that lying isn’t the best path to choose. This is a series with three books and I’m reading them all.  

5.) Ramona’s World, by Beverly Cleary

This book is about a girl named Ramona who you can relate to because it truly shows what’s in the mind of a child. This book is a series of seven other books. When you start reading about Ramona you are on her side with everything she goes through. From dealing with teachers that she thinks don’t like her to having her father lose his job. This series has been beloved by many children for years and still. It is one of the first children’s books showing children through good times and bad times with a sense of humor. I like Ramona’s World because in this book she gets her first best friend.  

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