November was a wonderful month.  This is when we get fall around here, which is so very welcome after September and October (which are basically just elongated summer months here in the valley!)

I learned through reading a lot of L.M. Montgomery how much she hates November, which I guess must be pretty depressing in her part of Canada.  Well, not so in California! The weather here is perfect (aside from the afternoons where it reached upwards of 80 degrees.)  The early mornings were brisk and my neighborhood was full of ripening orange trees and leaf-covered sidewalks.

We took long daily walks to the park, did a library reading challenge, and made some fun homeschool projects. The girls discovered American Girl books (we listened to the Molly series on audio, and yes, they were just as good as I remember!)

I made a goal to get 12,000 steps a day, which I discovered isn’t actually that hard when you are walking to the store or running after four kids from sun up to sun down! My parents spent this past week with us and helped me host Thanksgiving at our house.  At the moment that everything converged picture-wise, I was too overwhelmed to grab my camera, which I do kind of regret now!

As I sit typing this, rain is finally falling outside of my living room windows and the fairy lights are glowing on my piano.  It’s time to wrap Jesse tree ornaments and think about our December calendar.  I hope your November was as sweet as ours was!

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