Hello friends!  Are you here from Instagram?  A lot of you are because there’s where I’ve been doing the majority of my posting for the last few years!  For a while I was really focused on learning Instagram and growing a following there.  I liked some of that, but it left me a very narrow form of expression and actually a pain in my hand from typing captions and comments! (Yes you can laugh at that.  Millennial problems!)  I missed blogging, so I’m going to be posting here regularly again.

I have wanted to do some photo essay projects for a long time, so here is the first.  I am going to try to document our life in pictures every month. It’s my eight-year blog anniversary!  Woo hoo!  Now let’s BLOG.

October in Pictures

IMG 5768

IMG 6207

IMG 6188

IMG 6248

IMG 6238

IMG 5659

IMG 5724

IMG 6873

IMG 6886

October in Pics 1

IMG 5962

IMG 5971

IMG 6033

IMG 5914

IMG 5901

IMG 5867

October in Pics 6October in Pics 5

IMG 6607

IMG 5863

IMG 6070IMG 6594

IMG 6577

October in Pics 2

IMG 6416

IMG 6440

IMG 6348

IMG 6356

IMG 6662

October in Pics 4

October in Pics 3

IMG 6313

IMG 6328