When it comes to homeschooling and being with kids all day long, I have to do what I can to limit the amount of extra thinking in my day.  Second grade math is about my limit, is that normal?  (Don’t answer.) Since I can’t skip over place value notation, skipping over standing in front of the fridge and deciding what’s for lunch is the next best thing I have.

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I recently learned about the idea of a dinner matrix (this is where you assign a specific food or type of food to each day of the week. For example, pasta on Mondays.  Pick a pasta, any pasta!)  It was so handy, I thought why not use something similar for lunch?

So I made one.  Mine is more of a rotation than a matrix because all the meals are fixed. But very similar idea!

My entrees are something simple that I know everyone will like.  (I save meal time battles for when there are two parents around.)

Here is ours:

Monday: Macaroni and Cheese

Tuesday: Peanut Butter and Jelly or (Cream Cheese and Jelly) Sandwiches

Wednesday:  Bean and Cheese Quesadillas

Thursday:  Smoothies and Popcorn

Friday:  Cheese and Crackers or Grilled Cheese (kids choice)

Saturday:  Leftovers/Raid the Kitchen

Sunday: Family Brunch

To each of these I add a fruit and raw veggie.  Easy!  (The lunch formula: main entree + fruit and veggie.)  I rotate through a handful of the same ones every week.

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I switch my rotation seasonally so that we don’t get too bored.  Honestly, my kids could eat their favorites over and over, so we don’t change a whole lot.

As much as I would love to serve tomato soup and crab salad sandwiches with a cup of custard and a tiny vase of violets, I am unfortunately unable to live up to Mother in Bread and Jam for Frances. (Though as story book mothers go, she’s one of my favorites.)

I hope you feel inspired by our lunch rotation!  And read Bread and Jam for Frances! It’s so good.

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