Well, 2020 is coming in full force with the changes.  We are moving!  

This all came about early this year when I requested a trial period of living in another state.  I just reached a point where I needed to be within at least a day’s drive of my family for a little while (they live in Kansas, Georgia and South Dakota.) The lack of physical access was making it very difficult to stay connected and be of help when needed.  

Because David can work anywhere, we had a lot of choices before us.  We pondered many locations and eventually landed on Kansas City.  I grew up in the area and David lived there for a short time during an internship.  The central location also gives us the best access to both our families.  We decided to rent a home in a family-friendly suburb of KC for two years.  And of course, a big part this trial is also to see whether we actually like living outside of California! (Can I still drive in snow?)

This was all decided in February of this year before the world was turned upside down!  Of course there are many layers to this decision that would take too long to dive into here, but as you can imagine leaving this beautiful, iconic state where I birthed our babies is bittersweet.  For David the process is even more emotional because this is his home and the place where all his childhood memories are.

Time will tell if we return. We don’t have all the answers and we aren’t asking ourselves to find them just yet.  For now, we are going on an adventure.  

We have done a lot to this house in the past six years!  We had no idea we would be, of course.  (This includes the emergency kitchen renovation which you can find here.)  It will be rented out to family members while we are away.

I wanted to capture it as it was before I started selling furniture and pulling things off the walls.  We did some small updates to the bathrooms to bring them from the 80’s into 2020!  I hope you enjoy this farewell tour of our California home.