Welcome, fall.  I wrote you a poem:

Your leaves are lovely, dear

But if you could be chilly enough for me to wear a sweater without heat stroke


There was a time in life when I gave up on this idea of fall decorating.  Everything I tried just felt fake and contrived.  Like a hay rack ride was happening on my front porch but it wasn’t.

This year, I got in touch with my inner Waldorf teacher, (I really feel like I had one inside me all this time) and finally got into the spirit.  I decorated for fall by bringing just a little bit of nature indoors.  The girls loved it and we had so much fun doing it together.

My favorite is the leaf garland, made from leaves we gathered on a nature walk and dipped in melted beeswax.  We got the idea from our Wild and Free bundle this month.

The exception to my nature-oriented embellishments being the twinkle lights on the ladder and the lighted garland with the faux leaves hot-glued to it.

You must understand this was after my annual You’ve Got Mail viewing when I had a week where I wanted to turn my house into The Shop Around the Corner or alternatively, a 90’s coffee shop.  I know you guys totally get this.


IMG 8397

2016 10 27 0001

IMG 8593

IMG 8410

2016 10 27 0003

IMG 8440

IMG 8441

IMG 8430

2016 10 27 0005

IMG 8511

2016 10 27 0004

IMG 8544

IMG 8454

2016 10 27 0002

IMG 8486

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