Okay the title is a lie.  Evelyn’s birthday isn’t for another four weeks.  Just love me anyways.

What a year it has been.  To think I wasn’t sure if I wanted a third.  David just said to me yesterday “I think this one has been the most fun for me.”

And we went on to talk about how it’s probably because we are a lot more relaxed and know what we’re doing and are a lot more aware of how brief each phase actually is.  That may be why she refuses to use signs and instead screeches like a baby eaglet until we give her cookies and fries and we just laugh and laugh.

Anyways.  I suppose you would be a Micro Tyrant too if you had four people rushing about to plug your mouth with binkies and crackers and sing Disney songs by your crib at the dawn of each day.

Lamb 2BinkyLamb Drop CollageBowDSC0965Crib and Blocks CollageDSC0990Crib Bars CollageBook 4Book CollageBook 1Book 3Hand 2Crib 5DSC0704EvyCryingDSC0998